New Missile Mechanic Demo
Try the new Missile Mechanic Demo for yourself in your browser or download to your PC.
Itch.io Page
Hello, everyone. I have made an Itch.io page for Spaceward Cosmic Conflict. I will post updates there in addition to this website and Steam.
Missiles in Space
Spaceward is alive! Progress has been very slow, more than I'm comfortable with. But Spaceward is a passion project that I work on, on my spare time. I apologize for two years of silence, I'm not the best person when it comes to communication. Hopefully, moving forward, I'll be able to give some semi-regular updates.
Steam Store Page and New Screenshots
As promised, here's a link to the Steam Store page.
Screenshots and Progress Report
First of all, happy new year. I hope 2022 will be more productive for Spaceward Cosmic Conflict than the year before.
Website Is Live!
I'm so glad to finally have this website up and running. I'm no web designer/programmer so it has been somewhat of a challenge, took about three days of my time. But I'm very happy with how the very simple design turned out, specifically happy with the galactic candy wrapper header with Spaceward Cosmic Conflict logo. I'm almost ashamed to admit that, that was a happy mistake :) I knew I was keeping it the moment I stumbled upon that!

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